Nothing Makes Us Happier Than Hearing How Happy We Make You

  • Anushree Jadhav
    "I choose to learn from the best, when it comes to Graphic designing. Yes it's Guru Arya ! Its skillful, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way. What you learn here will help you improve your work, not just during the course, but beyond"
    - Anushree Jadhav - BFA painting, Sir J.J. Institute of fine arts
  • Yugandhara Shete
    "Learning software's was a task at first. But after joining Guru Arya, it became a fun session. Thorough knowledge in friendly atmosphere is how Guru Arya can be well described."
    - Yugandhara Shete - Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art
  • Smith Tandel
    "It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion comes together, but during that stage, you need a mentor/Guru to help you grow, learn and bring out the best in you, I found it here at Guruarya."
    - Smith Tandel - Sophia Polytechnic College, Epigram agency
  • Yogesh Tirandas
    "For me Guru Arya is not only a Graphic Design classes but more than that where we learn, play, cherish and have our good time. Thank you ! for making me a part of Guru Arya family."
    - Yogesh Tirandas - Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, 3rd Year
  • Rupali  Tatkare
    "Guru Arya has been an inspiration for me. The teaching method is very practical oriented and comfortable due to which I unknowingly easily got to know the graphics software."
    - Rupali Tatkare - Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Calligrapher and graphic designer
  • Parag Hardikar
    "Everyone wants to be successful in life, but success always depends on how well are v taught about the basics of any subject. Guru Arya is the place who made my core foundation strong."
    - Parag Hardikar - L. S. Raheja School of Arts, Bandra-East, Freelance illustrator, Matte painter
  • Manali Sawant
    "I needed to learn Graphics to assist my dad in his Printing business. And Guru Arya was a wise choice. Here, you don't just learn the softwares, you are prepared for the job.."
    - Manali Sawant - MBA in Human Resources
  • Kajol Patil
    "You are amazing intelligent and helping. I have never seen anyone enjoys teaching as much as you do. I love your training and also u give us advance knowledge which is really helpful for me... you have accomplished a lot and hope to be excel more."
    - Kajol Patil - Viva institute of applied arts, 3rd year
  • Chaitrali Kadam
    "Learning with the best is always an desire, but to find it correct is not to easy. I found Guru Arya the  best and correct decision for my bright future in graphic designing. Personal attention and learning beyond expection. I m happy to be part of the Guru Arya family."
    - Chaitrali Kadam - L. S. Raheja School of Arts, Bandra-East, 3rd Year